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Superior Protection in all sectors


Protecting and safeguarding feet has been a priority since ancient times. 

Feet are, after all, important for supporting the entire human body and play a fundamental role in the way we move.

Throughout history, the changes in footwear have contributed to constantly improving the well-being of people in their everyday lives and, above all, at work.


Even though there are risks in all professions, it is a well-known fact that some jobs are more dangerous than others. In these cases, safety shoes are an essential tool for protecting the worker because they must prevent:

  • Mechanical risks: crushing, slipping, impacts, perforation, cutting, etc.

  • Chemical risks: spillage of harmful chemical products

  • Biological risks: spraying or contact with biological material

  • Physical risks: humidity, water, heat, cold


Safety shoes and boots, therefore, safeguard the workers’ health by protecting the foot and part of the leg in the case of boots.


Over the years, the Nora range of products has gained increasing support by keeping a constant eye on market requirements and using top quality raw materials, thus becoming the reference brand for the safety and work sector of the Spirale group.

Ongoing investments in innovation have meant that, since 2018, the first series of polyurethane safety boots have been designed and manufactured in the Cinte Tesino factory.

Our excellent relationship with suppliers allows us to offer the market a product of the highest standards which guarantees not only maximum safety and comfort, but also a certain “elegance” through the innovative design.

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