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Latest-generation technology for an innovative safety boot

High quality standards and comfort mean the use of latest-generation and well-known materials and technology. 

Collaboration with well-known brands allows us to produce a boot that can tackle even the most unpredictable circumstances.

Guaranteeing maximum safety for the worker together with comfortable footwear has always been the driving force behind all our investments.

Indeed, thanks to our ongoing quest for innovation and perfection, Nora - Superior Protection polyurethane boots are a symbol of Italian excellence in the safety boot industry.

Elastopan® polyurethane - BASF


The quality of a boot depends on a variety of factors, but the most important one is the material chosen to produce them.

Which is why our partner is BASF, a leading chemical company in the polyurethane footwear industry. 

Boots made from Elastopan® guarantee maximum flexibility, excellent thermal insulation and low density.

Designed around your feet

In order to be able to offer an innovative boot which also guarantees maximum comfort and the perfect fit, we pinpointed the most important details on which to focus our attention after completing an in-depth study into the various sectors of use.

Thus, we can safely state that Nora - Superior Protection boots have been designed “around your foot”.


The Noramax and Noratherm collections, in fact, showcase reliability, comfort and innovation with a touch of well-known Italian style.

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