NORA, Innovation and design Made in Italy

NORA polyurethane boots are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy in the Cinte Tesino factory in the Italian province of Trentino, a synonym of professionalism, quality and punctuality for many years.

Our added value comes not just from the choice of raw materials, but also from the management and workforce united by passion, commitment and dedication.
NORA is the flagship brand for the work and safety sector of the Spirale group.
The experience and recognition, built up in the market over the years in designing and manufacturing plastic boots, has allowed us to improve our quality thanks to the sale of polyurethane boots.

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From the outset Spirale has opted for eco-sustainable solutions in the industrialisation of its products, constantly investing in testing and research into the use of new ecological and recyclable materials.

Nora Profilo Azienda

The desire to offer a truly innovative product, capable of providing the best possible response to growing market demands, has encouraged us to seek the very best partnerships to guarantee end products featuring high quality, durability and comfort.
Our research and development department designed a range of polyurethane boots only after having analysed and carefully studied the daily situations in which they are used in the various sectors. Which is why Nora - Superior Protection can fulfil all requirements.

Nora Profilo Azienda

On the Tesino plateau, at the foothills of the Dolomites, nestled in the Lagorai mountains, since 1975 we provides a wide range of work boots and canadian sport boots. We work with experience and passion to offer performance and comfort with italian quality and style.