Nora stivali in Elastopan
Nora stivali in Elastopan

Polyurethane, Elastopan®️
provided by BASF

Elastopan® in cooperation with BASF of Germany, a world leader in materials science, offers virtually unlimited freedom in terms of design, colour and structure.

Elastopan® polyurethane ensures high quality, high performance products, specially designed to be abrasion resistant, durable, slip resistant, waterproof and to retain their flexibility even in the coldest conditions.
Our safety boots are made of high-quality Elastopan® PU. This polyurethane incorporates millions of tiny air bubbles, which keep the boots lightweight and provide excellent insulation. Elastopan® is 100% PVC-free.
NORA boots are constructed without seams or joints with a material that does not crack to ensure 100% waterproofness.

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Nora Stivali in Elastopan
1|62.22|1.08|Thermal insulation
2|77.78|20.81|Water and dirt resistance
3|90.56|17.3|Durable and flexible outer surface
4|16.11|33.78|Millions of air bubbles inside the compound ensure thermal insulation and extreme comfort
5|79.17|57.57|Long-lasting antibacterial nylon fabric

Physical and mechanical qualities

Sustainable lightness

Polyurethane has unique physical and mechanical qualities:

  • resistance to both high and low temperatures
  • high insulation power against cold
  • ability to absorb vibrations and energy
  • durability
  • comfort
  • lightness
  • flexibility even at low temperatures

Studies conducted using LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methods have declared polyurethane to be an eco-friendly material. These studies establish and certify the impact of a product throughout its entire life cycle on the environment, starting from the resources used for its production through a well-defined series of parameters such as GER (Gross Energy Requirement) and GWP100 (Global Warming Potential).

In short:

  • reduced energy consumption for the production of raw materials
  • minimum energy requirement in the production process
  • total absence of waste by-products, atmospheric emissions and discharges.
Nora Stivali in Poliuretano
Nora Stivali in Poliuretano
Nora Stivali in Poliuretano


Nora | Comfy Green

Polyurethane clog, wide shape, non-slip sole

Nora | Comfy Ocean Blue

Polyurethane clog with wide shape and non-slip sole

Nora | Noratherm S5 Orange
Certificazione S5

Boot with steel cup, resistant to vegetable oils

Nora | Noramax Food S4 Blue
Certificazione S4

Boot steel plate, animal fats resistant

Nora | Unik Grey
Certificazione SBH

Antistatic boot with energy absorbing

Nora | Comfy Red

Polyurethane clog, wide shape, non-slip sole

Nora | Noramax PRO S5 Green
Certificazione S5

Boot with steel cup, resistant to vegetable oils

Nora, innovation and design Made in Italy

Nora is the Spirale Group's reference brand for the work and safety sector.